What we are in Angular Development?

Angular development is so effortless to build a real-time application as it provides two-way data binding. With Angular, it requires less writing as Angular analyzes the page DOM and binds it based on Angular specific attributes which help in understanding easily. At Advance Idea Modules our best Angular developers provide a comprehensive solution to your requirements within the desired timeline. Our expert Mean stack developers of Advance Idea Modules develop simple yet effective apps which comprise of highly sophisticated features which can meet any complex business needs.

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At Advance Idea Modules our top Angular developers with their industry knowledge and significant experience are serving successfully since 2013 using the Mean stack. Our talented Angular developers have the best proficiency in taking the Business towards prosperity by making proper utilization of technologies like Angular development.

Our expert team of Angular developers adopts Model View Controller pattern of Angular to build dynamic web and mobile apps within a short span of app making it easy to test, maintain and extend. Our expert team provides you the best Frontend development solution to any complex business requirement.

Thus we have pioneered in delivering successful products within desired timeline and in affordable pricing without compromising on quality. Provide us with an Idea and we'll make sure to transform your Idea into a Leading Product with Angular development solution. Webs Optimization assures to deliver an attractive and a user-friendly design with high-quality Standards as per your vision.

Perks of using Angular

Let's assume you have a task of creating a web application. So let's discuss what are your options. Go for traditional JSP application. ( No way, God why am I even talking about it.) Jquery based application architecture. Really? You do not have any idea how much lines of code it will take. You will have to code almost everything. Filters, data binding, navigation, data storage, what not? ReactJS. Hmm..sounds intersting.

Isn't it a new technology and all? But have you actually worked on React a bit. If you have you know all it provides is a way to manipulate and manage your DOM. Ofcourse there are things like Redux and Flux which go along with React Architecture really well. But still they aren't part of framework itself. And yes, what about the community support. That isn't too good either. Next what. Thinking about Vue.js. Fine, an emerging framework. Might be good to start with and might take you to a basic level. But a complete enterprise level application?? I seriously doubt as of today.

Let's talk of Angular now.

What not?? Seriously what not..?

1.Out of box support for navigation ( with almost every other framework, you need a separate library for this).

2.Support for data maintenance using services.

3.Support for lazy loading.

4.Loads of inbuilt filters, pipes for modulating your data on UI.

5.Comes with complete server configuration for development mode.

6.Many Options like Guards, resolvers, directives and pipes make your life hell lot easier.

7.Styles encapsulation and component scopes makes it lot easier to maintain your stylings.

8.Angular6 is due to release soon and promises support for progressive webapps.

9.There is a drastic improvement in terms of performance with every version. Out of box support for Dom shadowing has really helped a lot.

There are many many other features which I can't think of now. With such a vast support of web, I can't see any reason to choose any frame work over Angular.

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